Adamjee Cantonment College Model united Nations Association with all the hard work and pre conference preparations, wins Best Delegation in the Scholastica Model United Nations Session III. We congratulate everyone affiliated with this prize!


Award Winners:
1. Syeda Ammar-Best Del-UNHCR
2. Naila Tasnia Rahman-Best Del-UNDP
3. Ashir Ismum-Best Del-UNEP
4. Rokaiya Islam-Best Del-SPECPOL
5. Tahmeed Ferdous-Outstanding Del-DISEC
6. Kazi Nazia-Outstanding Del-FSC
7. Zahin Imtiaz-Outstanding Del-SOCHUM
8. Sadia Ahmed-Special Mention-UNEP
9. Masrur Spondon-Special Mention-SOCHUM
10. Prima Donna-Special Mention-SPECPOL
11. Ryan Ahmed-Special Mention-SPECPOL
12. Faiza Mahmood-Special Mention-DISEC