Teacher’s Training


Teachrs’ Skill Development Programme

Adamjee Cantonment College is committed to ensure standard education to face the challenges of modern education system of 21st Century. Our aim is to prepare our learners as global citizens who will uphold the image of the nation in the world stage. For this, there is no alternative to teachers’ training and motivation. The academically and technologically equipped teachers can render better education to the students. ACC regularly and meticulously arranges Teachers’ Training programmes to keep the teachers up to date. In April, 2014, ACC arranged a month long training session involving all its teachers as well as the representatives from all educational institutions under Dhaka Logistics Area. Total 127 teachers participated in the training programme. The topics include “How to Conduct a Good Class”, “An Effective Classroom Management”, “How to Make a Lesson Plan”, “Students’ Psychology and the Duties of a Teacher”, “Curriculum of Creative Education System”, “How to Make  Question Paper and Scrutinize Answer Script according to Creative Education System”, “How to Conduct Class according to Creative Education System” and “Student-Teacher Relationship”. Master Trainers of different subjects and senior training specialist of Dhaka Board conducted the sessions. The training session proved to be effective and beneficial to increase the skills of the participants.

The Authority of Adamjee Cantonment College organizes Teacher Development Programme “ Workshop on Quality Education” regularly for excellence in teaching . Its aim is  to provide an educational programme for all the cantonment college’s teachers that offer the opportunity to improve the standard of teaching . This is exactly the kind of event that enriches and empowers teachers to meet the challenges of new century in the classroom effectively. Frequently the teachers are sent to trainings organized by National University, Board of Education, Bangladesh English language Teachers Association etc. The trained teachers work as  resource persons to guide the others.

In 2012 the teachers are trained technologically by “Intel Teach  Getting Started Course”. Our 100% teachers are Intel certified and technologically literate. Scholarships are provided for the first time for teachers to join seminars of other countries.

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