(1)    Science
(2)    Business Studies
(3)    Humanities

Qualification of Admission

Higher Secondary level
The students from Science, Humanities and Business studies group can get admitted into this college. Admission form is given to the students after verifying the qualification mentioned in the circular later the students are selected according to the instruction of the board.

Internal Examinations and Evaluation(H.S.C Level)

First term Examination
Each and every student has to sit for two monthly test examinations in each subject before participating in the first term Examination.5 marks is given for 80% class attendance. The average mark of two monthly tests, class attendance and First term Examination totaled the performance of the students. Results are given in grade system and the pass mark for each subject is 40.

Annual examination and Pre-test Examination
The Annual Examination and Pre-Test are taken in the same procedure. Only the Practical Examinations worth 20 marks are  added.

Test Examination
Test Examination is taken according to the rules of Education board in each subject (1st and 2nd paper) applying coding system.

Results and Awards
Students are given awards for their outstanding achievements in academic area according to their respective groups ( Science, Arts and Commerce) both in 1st and 2nd year.