Welcome Note

Welcome to Adamjee Cantonment College.Our insanely beautiful  breathtaking campus  is just an  ideal  location  for you  to study.  Our  faculties and staffs  are  committed to offering  students a  broad  foundation  in  education. Learn more  about the people and programme of the Adamjee Cantonment College by exploring our website. 

Adamjee Cantonment College , one of the country’s leading institutions of learning – is an intellectual powerhouse. Since its establishment by its founder father Gul Mohammad Adamjee in 1960 , it has been successfully marching forward with a countrywide reputation of excellence in education.

The institution is committed to generating, disseminating and preserving knowledge and dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a vibrant campus environment.

The pioneering spirit of making a difference in education which was the driving force of establishing the college –

encourages excellence in everything we do. Whether those efforts occur in the classroom , in the library , in a laboratory or on the athletic field —- everywhere we have been emerging  successfully over the years . As an innovative and forward looking institution we provide an academic environment in which the students are continually inspired to learn , to work  and to explore .This ensures an education that is not only comprehensive and high quality but is also relevant and practical oriented .

At the heart of the college’s  vision we have specific notions and targets to achieve . Achievement and impact in the educational sector of the country is our commitment to excellence , our focus on the improvement of the students is fundamental , incurring morality and discipline is one of our prime concerns and we believe that high quality teaching is the major characteristic of a high quality educational institution – for being which we are continually striving forward .