Co-curricular Activities

Adamjee Cantonment College is noteworthy for its Extra curricular activities which are performed by students that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of college education. It is an established researched fact that students involved in extracurricular activities receive higher grades than those not involved in activities. Choosing something outside a student’s comfort zone widens horizons and expands knowledge. Extracurricular activities help students gain experience in a variety of areas that will enhance their future and help students to receive better grades by teaching them character building lessons, lifelong skills, saving some at risk students who would possibly drop out of school, and helping students develop social skills. Through extracurricular activities, students learn life skills that benefit their studies. Another benefit of extracurricular activities for at risk students is that it lessens the number of discipline problems. They provide and instruct students with lessons that will last them a lifetime. Keeping that in mind Adamjee Cantonment College runs different extra curricular activities round the year . The extra curricular activities are:
1. Clubs
2. Celebrating festival and occasions
3. College Magazine
4. Wall Magazine
5. Annual Sports
6. Seminar
7. Inter and intra section competition
8. Going on study tours
9. Cultural Programs

Clubs are the integral part of Adamjee Cantonment College. The most basic reason for joining a club or team is that it gives students something better to do than gossiping or wandering the hall. The clubs are created to give the students some opportunity to discover their latent talents because it is believed that people who are involved and engaged are less likely to become addicted to bad habits, like smoking. Adamjee Cantonment College runs different clubs round the year.
The clubs are:

a. B N C C Club

b. Cultural Club

c. General Knowledge & Quiz Club

d. Social Welfare Club

e. Science Club

f. Business Club

g. Photography Club

h. MUN Club

i. English Debate Club

j. Language Club

k. Nature Club

l. Math Club

m. Bengali Debate Club

n. Taekwondo Club

o. Games and Sports Club

p. Explorer Club

q. IT Club

r. Band Club

s. Literature Club (Bengali & English)

t. Robotics Club

u. Arabic Language Club

v. Art Club


It deserves to be mentioned that the students of this college are treasuring reputation participating in different competition both in national and international level. The students of Adamjee   cantonment college became champion in the Quiz Competition arranged by Bangladesh Television defeating the students of Notre dame college, Dhaka Science College, BAF Shaheen College and Herman  Gmeinar College. The Debate Club is no exception in this regard. They became victorious in different competitions arranged by BTV and ATN Bangla on different occasions. But the sports club surpassed all others in recent time. In 2002 the students of Adamjee became champion in volleyball and badminton in the Inter- college sports competition arranged by Dhaka Education Board. In 2009-10 after a gap of 7 years our college regained its glory again by becoming Champion in the Dhaka Metropolitan Zone .Shelly Ahmed, a student of the Department of English has won gold, silver and bronze awards in different karate Competitions of national and international level. Two students-Shadhana Majumder and Mehedi Hassan  of the Music Club have gained the national  fame participating in “Close up one”.

Recently the world of technology is integrated in the activities of our students. Students are continuously trained for the tech world to combat the 21st century. Google pilot project is one of this successful project where they equip themselves with mailing, calendar and site making.