Wall Magazines


We have spectacular Wall Magazines illustrated and written by our brilliant students .Earlier, Wall Magazines were published occasionally . But  in recent years it has become a frequent feature of  every department including undergraduate and graduate level where students can post their articles, poems, drawings and other such compositions to share with each other. All the departmental wall magazines are his brainchild. Our Wall magazines are an emblem for the students to express their creativity. The wall magazines of different departments are as follows:

Central Wall magazine of  Science Group: Orunodoy

Central Wall magazine of Humanities Group: Diptiman

Central Wall magazine of  Business studies Group: Uchsash

Department of Bengali: Abohoman

Department of English: Rendezvous

Department of Accounting: Transparency

Department of BBA: Glocal

Department of Business Studies: Onnwesha

Department of Economics: Oikonomia

Department of Political Science: Uttoron

Department of Physics: Graviton

Department of Chemistry: Alchemy

Department of  Biology: Bios

Department of Geography: Pansia