Student Support

The Institution is a large and lively community of staff and students from many different cultural and educational backgrounds. Adapting to a new campus can at times be confusing. There are many people who will be happy to help if you have questions or encounter difficulties.

Every student, undergraduate or postgraduate, has a class administrator.The class administrator is allocated to help and advice students on all aspects of life at this institution.

It is hoped that students will become well acquainted, and come to regard him or her as a person with whom you can discuss difficulties at any time. The Class Administrators have three principle functions:

  1. to provide advice on and support for academic progress;
  2. to support personal development and acquisition of academic and extra curricular skills;
  3. to provide general guidance, assisting you to identify appropriate specialist support if required.

To support our students we have Library , Sports and Internet Facilities. We train students about fire mishap, Tree plantation, Tech Education. Guest Speakers  came  in every Thursday to enlighten them about the practical aspect of life by teaching them leadership , success, nutrition, choice of profession , career development etc.