Why Study in Adamjee

Studying in Adamjee Cantonment College means being a part of a rich tradition of excellence in education with highly qualified and experienced teaching staff and a vibrant student life . 

We offer our students  the guidance of highly qualified teachers who besides providing classroom education continually monitor their progress,  help them in solving problems , counsel in personal issues, inspire them  in overcoming obstacles and assist them in multilateral ways which foster a harmonious relation between teachers and students.

Learning opportunities offered by Adamjee Cantonment College are extensively rich which include – library , laboratories , classroom equipped with digital facilities , variety of lectures , seminars as well as various modern  amenities of classroom teaching – which are very much fundamental of a standard educational institution .

Moreover, we are unique in the sense that we are providing wide range of opportunities to make students think logically , laterally and independently and thereby maximize their potentialities . At the same time , we are opting to create complete citizen both professionally and morally and providing  stimulation to let them discover their inner strength to be independent , confident and capable to face challenges.

Furthermore, a wide range of extra-curricular activities are arranged for the students  to flourish their latent talents. As we are striving for excellence in education , most up-to-date teaching and learning methods are available here. Acceleration of qualification namely – academic , ethical and extra-curricular, technological , is the target we aim at .