Research and publications

1.   Author: Brigadier General Al Faroque Siddiquee, BSP, ndu, afwc, psc, MPhil

Title of Book: Chronicles of A Military Man: HOME & BEYOND

Date of Publication: November, 2023

2. Professor Dr. Jesmin Ara, Department of Political Science


Women’s Leadership in the Politics   of  Bangladesh

Thesis: PhD Degree: The Role of Women’s representatives from 1991-  2001 in Legislative (Jatiya Shangsad)

M. Phil Degree: Women’s Leadership in the Politics of Bangladesh

3.  Zakia Sultana, Associate Professor, Department of English


LANGUAGE (Honours First Year)

ELT- Theory and Practice ( Honours Third Year)

Working in Writer’s Panel to develop study materials  of Honours Courses with  Friend’s Publishers

4.  A. K. M. Sharif Ull Islam, Lecturer, Department of English


ADDA in English, Nepal English Language Teachers Association (NELTA)