Capabilities of the College

Courses of Studies

Existing Students


 Science : 1st Year (EV)= 355, (BV) = 1238 = 1593

 Science : 2nd Year (EV)= 314, (BV) = 1172 = 1486

Total (1st & 2nd Year) = 3079

 Humanities : 1st Year = 209, 2nd Year = 168

Total (1st & 2nd Year)  = 377

 B. Studies : 1st Year =  575, 2nd Year= 550

            Total (1st  & 2nd Year) = 1125

HSC Total  (1st Year = 2377, 2nd Year = 2204) 4581

Graduation (Hons)




Masters (Final)



Total (Hons, BBA, Masters) = 1805

Grand Total


Infrastructural Facilities
The college has five building named Administrative building, Library building, Masters building, Science building and BBA building. Two storied College main building, the first original construction  of  Gul Mohammed Adamjee in 1960, is now used as an Administrative Building. The entire administration section along with the auditorium and conference room  is housed in this building. The two storied Library along with the internet section is a wonderful treasure house both for the educators and learners. Four storied Library Building is the extension of the main building .First two floors are set up in 1973.The 2nd and 3rd floor is completed in 1985 and 1994. The Science Building was founded on 1996 and extended in 2003, 2004 and 2016 as a five storey building .This building housed the entire science faculties. All the Laboratories are set in this building. We have separate spacious Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Laboratories equipped with all modern facilities. We also have a  Four storied Masters Building which was founded in 1996 and extended in 2003 and 2004 to accommodate all the departments of Graduate and post- Graduate Level. The Car Parking area at the north corner of the institution is done in 2002.Three storied BBA Building is constructed in 2009 and extended in 2012 as a six storey building .The multi media section is a comparatively new addition to this building.

In these building there are also 62 class rooms , separate lounge both for male and female faculty members, separate common rooms both for boys and girls, auditorium, BNCC office, Conference room. We have a green large field with two basketball grounds. The canteen set in the north corner of the college is now extended.  The residence of the principal and 25 flats for the teachers and One storied Jam-E-Mosque with three storied foundation are situated in the college campus. The construction of link corridor (foot bridge) within the Library building, Science building and Masters building (3rd floor) was done in 2008.  The magnificent Main Gate is constructed in 2010 with special architectural terracotta combination. Three display boards out side the main gate are also the newest additions to our announcements and programmes .We have a Map and a Mural in front of the college building dedicated to our 7 heroes of liberation war. Besides, there are roads linking the Library, Science, Masters building and Canteen. The entire institution is equipped with digital facilities. Intercom and internet facilities are available in every academic and administrative department. Many class rooms are facilitated by sound system for making the class more effective.

Accommodation & Class Room
We have a total of 62 class rooms and 11 Laboratory rooms for the HSC and 29 class rooms for Degree (Pass), Hons & BBA Programme and Masters classes.