Rules & Regulation


  In summer In winter
For Boys ▪ Half sleeve white shirt with ash collar & piping in sleeve, shoulder (Science – green, Humanities – sky blue, Business studies – Maroon shoulder). 1 stripe on the shoulder for class – XI and 2 stripe for class – XII.
▪ College monogram on the pocket of the left side of shirt.
▪ Ash full pant, sober black belt, black shoe, black shocks.
▪ Embroidered Name plate on the right side of shirt.
▪ House tag on the right side sleeve.
▪ Full sleeve shirt with ash collar & piping in end and concerned shoulder for every group.
▪ Other criteria would be the same.
▪ Maroon sweater, maroon tie.
For girls ▪ White Kameez with ash collar and double pleat on sleeve & bottom of kameez, shoulder and  pocket, college monogram on the pocket.
▪ Color of the shoulder would be the same as the boys for every faculty.
▪ Ash salwar, ash orna, black shoe, black shocks.
▪ Embroidered Name plate on the right side of orna.
▪ Double piping on front button
▪ Maroon cardigan with the same criteria.

▪ In case of hijab – white

Honours Level, BBA Programme, Masters Level, Graduation (Pass)
Male Full sleeve light purple shirt, maroon tie on Monday and Thursday, black pant, sober black belt, black socks and oxford shoes. Light purple color full sleeve shirt, maroon tie and black blazer with the same  criteria.
Female Light purple color kameez, black salwar, black orna and plain black Pam shoes with black socks. In case of hijab all black. Black blazer with the same criteria.