Fee Payment Procedure


Fee Payment Procedure

1. Busy life of city dwellers, unbearable traffic jam and many other complexities have made difficult for many guardian to deposit money in the college counter in specific date. To solve this problem the college has taken five steps to take monthly fees by using technologies. In every month the details of received money will be sent by e-mail or SMS.

Those who have account in any branch of Trust Bank:

a) You can pay the fees by using your Debit Card through the Point of Sale (POS) Device in the college counter.

b) If you can not come to the college personally you can submit the fees from any branch of Trust Bank within Bangladesh after writing the information correctly in cash or cheque.

Chairman, Adamjee Cantonment College, Account No. 0002-0310281011

c) You can transfer the money from your account to the college account (TB S/B No. 0002-0310281011) sitting at your home by using internet. Trust Bank is going to start this system very soon.

If you have account in other banks:

d) You can transfer the money from your account in other bank to the college account (TB S/B No. 0002-0310281011) sitting at your home by using internet. In this case for other bank and service provider you will need to pay extra money. The cheque of other banks can be submitted to any branch of Trust Bank by the way described in section (b).

In case of paying cash money:

e) The current system of paying fees coming to the college counter will be continued.

2. In every case the ID number, name and the number of the college account should be written correctly.

3. From of the year 2012, there will be no Fee Book for paying any fees and you will not need to pay any money for that. The receipt copy will be sent to you through e-mail. If you want you can preserve the receipt after printing.

We are trying our best to relax the guardians a bit and introduce more developed education system by using technologies. We are expecting your co-operation in this regard.